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Texas OnCourse helps districts improve the college, career, and military readiness (CCMR) component of the Texas A–F accountability system. This component accounts for 40 percent of high school accountability. 

We impact CCMR at the high school level through our comprehensive, on-demand online professional development for college and career advising, the Texas OnCourse Academy. The Academy directly aligns with a number of CCMR components. Through participation in the Academy, your staff will be better equipped to support students and improve CCMR outcomes. 

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Share the Academy with staff

You have the power to build a culture to support CCMR for all students. Campus staff that benefit from using Texas OnCourse include counselors, administrators, teachers, career and technical education specialists, and other faculty involved in college, career, and postsecondary planning with students and their families.

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Offer incentives

Educators can earn continuing professional education (CPE) credit through completion of the Academy. Consider offering exchange days to your educators who earn CPE credits through the Academy to incentivize use of this on-demand, practical, and free resource.

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Access college readiness data with one click

With Texas OnCourse’s DataDive, explore college and career readiness data on every level: campus, district, regional, and state. Use DataDive to explain accountability, track progress, and set annual campus and district goals.

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Check out other free resources

Keep scrolling to explore our resource library. We’ve compiled all the top-rated free resources for college and career readiness for your educators, students, and families. These include resources from our partners at the Texas Education Agency, the Texas Workforce Commission, and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board as well as national tools. 


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