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College, career, and military readiness (CCMR) is a key part of Texas A–F Accountability, and we help you improve it. Forty percent of Student Achievement for high school is tied to CCMR outcomes. Our district resources provide the staff development and curriculum you need to boost those outcomes.

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Get started with Texas OnCourse

Our free Getting Started guide provides ten easy steps for putting Texas OnCourse to use in your district. It includes a professional development calendar for your staff, a scope and sequence for our middle school curriculum, and information on how our resources align with CCMR outcomes. 

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Create an accountability culture

Campus staff should be well versed in accountability measurement. You can help build a culture to support CCMR for all students. Share this chart with staff to familiarize them with key CCMR components and demonstrate how Texas OnCourse can help them boost readiness  outcomes.

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Get the latest accountability information

We offer exclusive information and resources for administrators on CCMR and accountability. To access, register for the Strategist, our administrator newsletter. Each month, you’ll receive articles on accountability knowledge, strategies for boosting CCMR outcomes, links to statewide and national trends, and invitations to webinars and other events.

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Track metrics

Explore and compare your campus and district college and career readiness data in clean, easy-to-read graphs. Our data visualization tool DataDive can help you explain accountability, track progress, and set goals.

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