Become a college and career readiness pro

Texas OnCourse provides a variety of practical professional learning resources for educators of all types, including counselors, advisers, teachers, and administrators. They include the Texas OnCourse Academy, our monthly webinar series, our monthly Educator Playbook email, and our blog.

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CPEs for counselors

School counselors, you can earn continuing professional education credit for using the Texas OnCourse Academy. You can also receive up to $480 with our reward program!

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Tailored info for all

Coaches, economics teachers, English teachers… you all get questions from students on college and career help. And now you have a trusted place to find and share answers.

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Instructional support

Middle school educators can access the content knowledge they need to provide college and career readiness instruction using the Texas OnCourse Academy. Don't miss our  middle school module, which also provides tips on diversified instruction.

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On demand, when you need it

We know your day is busy and full of interruptions. That’s why all of our educator development opportunities, from the Academy to monthly webinars, are accessible when you need them, as you need them.