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Under the state’s new A-F accountability system, it’s critical for you to investigate and improve college, career, and military readiness (CCMR) outcomes. This requires additional content knowledge and support. We can help, while also ensuring compliance with Texas Education Code 28.016 – and saving you budget dollars. 

Our free resources include online staff development for college and career advising and a middle school curriculum aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).

We also provide administrators with exclusive access to information, resources, and strategies for accountability outcomes related to CCMR. Subscribe here to the Texas OnCourse Administrator Playbook to receive this information in your inbox. Keep an eye out for webinars and conference presentations. 

Find out more about our free resources for schools and districts below. If you’re interested in using Texas OnCourse tools and resources in your school or district but are not sure where to begin, contact us to chat.

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Boost accountability outcomes

Forty percent of A–F accountability scores are based on college, career, and military readiness (CCMR) indicators. Texas OnCourse directly impacts these outcomes with free professional development for college and career advising professionals and a TEKS-aligned middle school curriculum.

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Meet education code mandates

Texas Education code 28.016 requires middle schools to deliver early college and career awareness instruction. With Texas OnCourse, your educators receive the resources and support they need to deliver that instruction in an engaging, research-driven way. 

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Access college readiness data quickly and easily

With Texas OnCourse’s DataDive, explore college and career readiness data on every level: campus, district, regional, and state. View attendance rates, STAAR scores comparison, TSI scores comparison, college readiness assessments, graduation reports, and more – all in clean, easy-to-read graphs.

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Join other administrators across the state

Over 75% of school districts in Texas use Texas OnCourse resources. Help bring our free resources to the whole state. Share with your curriculum staff and consider offering exchange days to your counselors, advisers, and teachers who receive continuing professional education credit via the Academy.

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