Understand how choices now impact your financial future.

When you ask students and families their top concerns about college, their answer is usually "money." Whether your students are concerned about out-of-pocket cost, loan debt, or simply the unknown, this collection of resources is here for you.

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Understand college costs.

There are various kinds of college costs – direct costs such as tuition and room and board and indirect costs such as books or gas that may not be included in the price on a college's website. Help students understand both.

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Increase federal aid.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is the number one source for help paying for college. Yet in 2015, $2.9 billion set aside for students went unclaimed! Ensure that your students don't miss this opportunity.

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Up scholarship applications.

Scholarships are free money for college that students never have to pay back. There are thousands of sources for scholarships – we link educators with resources that work for students.

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Understand student loans.

It’s normal to take on some debt during college. Help students understand the steps to paying it back and how to get the loans that cost you the least money over time.

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