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College and career planning requires students to make many decisions. Educators are finding that this type of instruction needs to happen in the middle school grades to fully equip students for high school and beyond. As a result of 2015’s HB 18, Texas students in seventh and/or eighth grade are required to receive instruction that prepares them for high school, college, and career (Texas Education Code Sec. 28.016)

Our middle school curriculum provides over 30 lesson plans in compliance with the Texas Education Code and aligned with TEKS for college and career readiness and investigating careers. The lesson plans also align with key college, career, and military readiness indicators, meaning Texas OnCourse can boost accountability in your district. 

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Adopt our entire curriculum

Our flexible lesson plans can be incorporated into a semester- or year-long course. Implementation plans included in the curriculum guide ensure that your schools will deliver robust, TEKS-aligned instruction in compliance with Texas Education Code 28.016. View a sample by downloading our starter pack of six lesson plans.

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Use individual plug-and-play activities

Do your schools use a TEA- or district-designed course? Do you deliver college and career instruction through advisory periods or drop-in counseling sessions? Our lesson plans provide meaningful, engaging activities and interactive digital tools that you can incorporate in isolation. If you have questions about how to best customize our curriculum for your campus needs, contact us.

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Boost accountability

Forty percent of a district’s A–F accountability rating is linked to college, career, and military readiness (CCMR). Our curriculum is aligned with key CCMR components, preparing your students for the Texas Success Initiative Assessment, dual credit, industry-based certifications, military enlistment, and workforce readiness.

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Check out other free resources

Keep scrolling to explore our resource library. We’ve compiled all the top-rated free resources for college and career readiness for your educators, students, and families. These include resources from our partners at the Texas Education Agency, the Texas Workforce Commission, and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board as well as national tools.

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