Ensure that your students understand their best college options and how to get there.

How do I prepare for admission tests? What’s the difference between public and private school? Do you think I can get into the school of my dreams? What will my parents think? How do I even write an essay?

Students have a lot of questions about applying to college. Let us help you guide them.

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Taste college in high school.

There are many ways to earn college credits in high school – dual credit, dual enrollment, AP, IB. Make sure your students understand the difference and how their credits will transfer when they start their chosen degree program.

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Ace college admission tests.

There’s a lot that goes into guiding students through admission tests. They need to prepare. They need help with registration, with fee waivers, and with requesting accommodations. The Texas OnCourse Academy helps counselors and advisers answer their question. We’ll also point you to external tools to share with students and families.

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Understand what’s available.

Teachers, counselors and advisers are helping students navigate so many questions. They’re understanding the difference between public and private schools, what colleges are best for their major, and more. Our trainings and tools help make these big differences clear.

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Military? Athletics? You’ve got this.

Each student has a unique set of needs. Do educators have questions on how to help students interested in military academies or Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC)? Or guiding students through the athletic recruitment process? Let us make things clear.

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