Screenshot of Texas Career Check webpage: young boy in wheelchair, tabs labeled explore careers and explore education

Learn about hundreds of career opportunities.

Texas Career Check’s website includes a career search for high school students and provides a ton of information on hundreds of different jobs – how much they pay, how popular they are, what you need to study in order to qualify for them, and more.

Screenshot: Explore Careers page with buttons for occupation information and occupation trends

Some of the website’s great features include:

  • Occupation Trends – shows you which jobs are growing the fastest in Texas
  • Military Occupations – shows you different military careers and which branches of the armed forces have jobs in each area
  • Programs of Study – shows college majors you might like and lists colleges that offer that major across the country

You can also sort careers by average salary, popularity in the future, and more.

Screenshot of interest profiler with emojis indicating emotions strongly dislike to strongly like

While it may seem early to be choosing a career, performing a career search while in high school is key to helping determine what sort of college debt is worth undertaking, what sort of college might best fit your needs, and what electives to begin taking in high school as a part of your graduation plan.

Once you've narrowed your career ambitions, Texas Career Check also provides the opportunity to learn about necessary education and compare degree programs.