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Apply to hundreds of schools nationwide.

Forty years ago, every college had its own application. This was time-consuming for students, so a collection of higher learning institutions got together and created one central application that students can send to many colleges. Now, over 750 higher education institutions accept the Common App.

Screenshot: Map demonstrating the many college nationwide that accept Common Application

The Common App website doesn’t just enable you to apply to hundreds of colleges. You can also explore application tips and interviews with virtual counselors – tools that can be helpful even for other application platforms!

Curious whether your dream college accepts the Common App? Search directly here, or keep an eye on the application information as you do research on websites like BigFuture.

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Note: Students are required to pay application fees (or apply fee waivers, if eligible) to each institution they submit the Common App to, and many colleges have supplemental essays in addition to those required by the Common App.