Help middle schoolers plan for high school and beyond!

Big changes are on the horizon! Explore possible futures by playing MiddleGalaxy with your students. Helping students build their high school personal graduation plan? Select an endorsement and plan high school classes simply with MapMyGrad. Find other tools to help you as you prep your students for high school, all right here.

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Select endorsements.

In Texas, the high school graduation plan is tailored to what students want to do. In eighth grade students pick an area of skill or interest (called an endorsement) that they want to focus on in high school. Let us help with these tools you can provide students to explore!

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Plan for high school.

Students are gearing up to take more control of their own schedules. How exciting! How scary! MapMyGrad can help you assist your students make the right choices and plan their high school personal graduation plan.

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Explore all options.

Some jobs students have heard of – doctor, teacher, lawyer, detective – but some they may not have! They might make a really good actuary or phlebotomist. Our game, MiddleGalaxy, can help students  learn about these options.

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Help students game their way to success.

You’re helping students plan for a future that they can’t even imagine. Our Middle School Curriculum Guide will help you guide students through our MiddleGalaxy career exploration game and more, all with plug-and-play lessons to make it simple for you.

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