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Choosing the right courses for high school can shape a student's future, whether they're headed to college or straight to career. Be sure to keep your students on track and help them get the most out of high school with the information and resources on this page.

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Learn how to best support your students.

Boost your knowledge on graduation requirements, endorsements, career pathways, and other content that’s essential for middle school students. Log in or create an account with the Texas OnCourse Academy. There, you’ll find a ton of information and resources for professionals under Career Pathways > Academic Planning. 

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Find the right graduation plan.

Texas OnCourse will help students create a grad plan to get them where they want to be after high school. Check out MapMyGrad, an interactive website where students can learn about endorsements, careers, and graduation plan options. They can then draft a high school personal graduation plan to share with you. 

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What about endorsements?

With very few exceptions, a student’s high school graduation plan must include one or more endorsements. An endorsement is an area of focus for their high school coursework. Endorsements and graduation plans go hand in hand. Click over to our endorsement page to learn more.

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Explore careers first!

To map a path to their future, students need some ideas about where they want to be. If your students are unsure of where they want to end up, our space-themed career exploration game, MiddleGalaxy, can help!

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