Prepare students for college and career, even in 9th and 10th grade.

Even as students start high school, they can be making decisions that benefit their life after graduation! Put your best foot forward as you help students explore colleges, prepare for tests, and learn about the realities of the workplace.

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Understand the many ways to prep for college and career.

Each student is on their own unique path. Whether you’re helping students prepare for college credit opportunities such as AP and dual enrollment or start gaining the skills for a technical trade, Texas OnCourse Academy trainings can help you gain mastery and anticipate students’ questions.

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Communicate the weight of standardized tests.

Even in ninth and tenth grade, the weight of standardized tests begins to bear down on students. Prepare them for the PSAT and even SAT and ACT with our tools and trainings. Fully understand the stages of the National Merit Scholarship Program to help high-achieving students through our Texas OnCourse Academy training.

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Explore careers.

Students may have some ideas about what they’d like to do, but there are many more jobs out there than they can even imagine. Train up on how to use tools like labor market data and career learning experiences with the Texas OnCourse Academy. Direct students to tools like Share Your Road and Texas Reality Check to explore different career pathways on their own.

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Introduce financial planning.

If you ask students and families what they’re most worried about after graduation, the answer is generally the same: money. Students are worried about finding good jobs after graduation or getting financial aid to for college. Use the Texas OnCourse Academy trainings on financial aid to prepare yourself on college costs and finances and share the tools listed below with students and families.

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