Students choose the right focus for their interests.

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Understand Texas' endorsement requirement.

Boost your knowledge on endorsements and how they connect to career pathways and graduation plans in the Texas OnCourse Academy. Log in or create an account, and find a ton of information and resources under Career Pathways > Academic Planning. 

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Download plug-and-play activities.

Do you provide drop-in lessons on college and career readiness? Are you searching for interactive activities for students to explore their future? Download the Texas OnCourse Middle School Curriculum Guide, with over 30 TEKS-aligned lesson plans.

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Make your students endorsement pros.

Our interactive website, MapMyGrad, was designed especially for middle school students. On it, students can take a short quiz to determine their best-fit endorsement. They can explore career descriptions, salary info, and education requirements. And they can even draft, save, and print a high school graduation plan to share with you.

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Make this big decision fun!

Our MiddleGalaxy mobile-friendly game takes students on a mission into space. But it also teaches about careers along the way! Featured careers are based on data about future Texas workforce needs. Students can play this fun game on their computer, phone, or tablet and use what they learn to choose an endorsement or two.

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Select your courses for next year!

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