Texas OnCourse transitions to THECB as statewide college and career advising initiative launches premier postsecondary training programs

By: Texas OnCourse
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Jan. 26, 2021, Austin, Texas – The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board is pleased to announce that Texas OnCourse, a statewide initiative to improve college and career readiness, has transferred from The University of Texas at Austin to the Coordinating Board as it launches its first postsecondary training offerings.

Created by the state legislature to improve college and career planning and advising in secondary schools, Texas OnCourse has expanded its resources to support college persistence. The new offerings include personalized virtual training for college advisers about financial aid, budgeting and financial wellness, and college readiness.

Since its inception in 2017 as an affiliate of Gov. Greg Abbott’s Tri-Agency Workforce Initiative, Texas OnCourse has provided more equitable access for educators, students, and their families to high-quality information and college and career resources and has improved teachers’, advisers’, and counselors’ confidence in effectively serving students. The transition to the Coordinating Board will accelerate the adoption and use of Texas OnCourse resources and tools in postsecondary institutions and through partnerships with local workforce boards across the state.

“I’m excited to welcome the Texas OnCourse team to the agency,” said Harrison Keller, commissioner of higher education. “Working through the Coordinating Board will allow Texas OnCourse to grow and serve many more educators, advisers, and students, offering vital support during a time when students and their families are experiencing significant need. The initiative has already achieved remarkable success in its mission to help prepare all Texas students for an educational and professional future that unlocks their potential. We’re looking forward to expanding the initiative’s impact from middle school students to college students to adult learners.”

Today, more than 16,000 educators across the state improve their college and career advising and knowledge through the Texas OnCourse digital academy. Thousands of educators use the Texas OnCourse college and career readiness curriculum in middle schools and Texas students and families can access a growing library of free online college and career planning resources.

“With FAFSA completion in the state down this year, the timing for these resources and this transition could not be more critical,” said Laura Brennan, director of Texas OnCourse. “When students do not renew their FAFSA, they are less likely to complete their program or degree. Meanwhile, college advisers don’t always have access to high-quality, trustworthy information and training. Our ability to serve this broader audience via our transition to the Coordinating Board means a significant number of Texas students will receive stronger financial aid advising and support making it to the finish line.”

According to Commissioner Keller, the transition will increase Texas OnCourse’s ability to provide college and career planning tools that empower Texas families, employers and educators, as well as equip the Coordinating Board with a well-established and efficient initiative that furthers its strategic goals.


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