Texas OnCourse Announces New Fellowship Model to Support Districts on College, Career, and Military Readiness

By: Texas OnCourse
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Austin, Texas -- Texas OnCourse this week announced changes to its leader fellowship program. These changes are designed to better support districts across the state on college, career, and military readiness.

The fellowship program, which launched in June 2017, supports the adoption of state-funded resources for college and career planning in order to help students make informed postsecondary decisions. In June 2020, the fellowship will shift from a program for individual educators to a district-level program that will support holistic transformation in college and career readiness resources. 

“Since we launched the fellowship in 2017, over 70 Texas OnCourse leader fellows have helped create a statewide network of counselors, advisers, and teachers collaborating on college and career readiness solutions,” said Laura Brennan, director of Texas OnCourse. “In the years since, Texas has committed to improving college, career, and military readiness through its A–F accountability system. We recognize that our fellows will be even more powerful working in teams dedicated to district transformation in postsecondary readiness programming.”

The new fellowship model will include 20–25 district teams, each comprising a district-level administrator and two in-school educators (one from middle school and one from high school) directly supporting students on college and career. Fellowship teams will be charged with collaborating within their own district team and across other district teams to implement Texas OnCourse in their schools and advance college and career advising in Texas.

Current fellowship districts will be invited to transition to the new fellowship model in June 2020, and district teams will serve through the 2021–22 school year. Due to the transition process, Texas OnCourse will not hold a public application period in 2020 or 2021. The next public application to the fellowship program will open in January 2022. 

For more information regarding these changes, review these frequently asked questions.

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