Prepare for college and career.

You’re preparing your juniors and seniors for some big decisions. Whether they’re headed to college, career, or the military, there are a number of details they’ll need your help with. The resources on this page are available for you to share with students and families, and you can even engage with the Texas OnCourse Academy to learn the basics of college and career advising.

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Help students and families understand options.

As students approach the end of high school, they can take a number of paths – joining the workforce, enlisting in the military, going to college or technical school. They may want to play college athletics or work during school. Be prepared to advise any student on these potential futures with our trainings and tools.

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Explore careers.

Your students are already tailoring their high school classes toward their goals, but there are still so many careers they’ve never even heard of. Train in how to organize work-based learning experiences such as internships, how to use labor market information to broaden their horizons, and how to find career planning tools to help students explore on their own.

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Help students submit more, better applications.

Learn about the specifics of each type of application and find tools to help students get fee waivers and nail submissions. Ensure that they have the best test scores possible by training up on subjects like accommodations, and use the tools below to get them practicing.

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Plan for finances after graduation.

If you ask students and families what they’re most worried about after graduation, the answer is generally the same: money. Students are worried about finding jobs that pay well or getting financial aid to help them in college. Use our financial planning tools to help them start preparing now.

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