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Help your students prepare for college

Free and fully online, Texas College Bridge is a personalized, adaptive learning platform that helps prepare high school seniors for college. This easy-to-use resource guides students through individualized college preparation courses in math and English. Students learn at their own pace with a teacher facilitator to help them meet their goals.

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Are you a teacher?

Texas College Bridge includes customized teacher training. Its data-rich dashboard allows teachers to track students’ progress on each skill. Identify areas that need intervention and provide the support students need. Texas College Bridge gives you the tools to guide students to success, improve retention, and lay a solid foundation for college completion.

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Are you a counselor or adviser?

Mastering the math and English skills that colleges want is not enough for students to succeed in a postsecondary institution. That’s where a counselor or adviser is key. Texas College Bridge provides advising resources and training materials for district and campus staff, furnishing the information you need to successfully advise students.