We’ve made some big changes to the Academy!

The new Academy is here. We’re still shaping it into the best possible resource to support your college and career advising needs. You may encounter some oddities as we do so. You helped us build this resource – the first of its kind in the whole country – and we hope you continue to do so by reporting any glitches to our support team. And if you have questions, check our FAQ.

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Check out what's new.

What can you expect from the new Academy? A lighter look and feel, new learning pathways through modules, and an easier experience when it comes to demonstrating mastery. Check out more cool new Academy features on our blog.

New to the Academy?

We’re excited to help you become the go-to source for career and college planning. The Texas OnCourse Academy provides comprehensive professional learning on college and career advising for all educators – counselors, advisers, teachers, coaches, and anyone else who supports students in their plans after high school. With the Academy, you’ll be prepared to advise any student on any postsecondary decision.

Earn continuing professional education hours.

The Texas OnCourse Academy is certified to offer Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credit. Counselors and advisers can earn up to 30 continuing professional education credits by completing badges in the Texas OnCourse Academy.

Visit our CPE page to understand how to collect your credit.

Texas OnCourse Leader Fellow Belinda Lytle

"If a counselor called me and asked, 'Why would I use Texas OnCourse?,' I would tell them, this is the answer to all of your Google searching and all of your phone calls, and all of your digging through the files that you've had for 12 years."

Belinda Lytle High School Counselor
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