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College Scorecard: Compare Colleges and Universities


College Scorecard: compare colleges and universities

The College Scorecard is a resource provided by the US Department of Education in order to directly compare colleges and universities based on three important criteria: average cost, graduation rate, and salary after attending. Input information about what you’re looking for in a college in order to directly compare options available to you, ranked by highest score.

Taking a look at colleges early in high school can be important in understanding what classes to take, and what GPA you should aim for early in your college career. If your dream college requires an extra math class, or has an average admission GPA of 3.8, those are important things to know as early as Freshman year so that you can plan for and achieve those goals.

Handy graphics on the Big Future webpage enable you to compare a school’s rates to the national average. But what do cost, graduation rate, and salary mean? (See example below!)

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