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Students & Families

Preparing for What's Next

It is never too early to start planning for a college and career. We’re here to help you prepare for success! Use the following resources, all for free.

A career exploration game:  MiddleGalaxy is a fun, interactive way for you to really understand different types of jobs. Your teacher might let you play it in your class, or you can play it at home or on your phone.

A graduation planning tool (Coming soon!): Map My Grad includes questions to help you figure out your skills and interests. Use it to pick the classes you'll take in high school, and be on your way to your best fit career.

A family guide (Coming soon!): Our family guide will help you have conversations about your child's education and future, so your child can succeed and excel in and after high school.

Access our resource library below. We have curated the best college and career websites and tools from across the state that can you prepare for life after high school.

7th & 8th Grade

9th Grade

  • College Portrait

    A source of basic, comparable information designed for anyone to learn more about public 4-year colleges and universities

  • Future Ready Texas

    Resources to help navigate your STAAR report card

  • Launch My Career Texas

    Explore how majors, careers, institutions and endorsements interact on this website from the state of Texas

  • GenTX: Preparing for College in High School

    Join Generation Texas—the largest team of high-schoolers in the U.S. who are committed to continuing their education after high school.

10th Grade

11th Grade

12th Grade + Returning Student