Graduate with a completed financial aid application

We’re glad you’re here! As you likely know, Texas students must complete and submit a financial aid application or an opt-out form in order to graduate. And we at Texas OnCourse have got your back. 


Consider this site your comprehensive guide to success in meeting the financial aid graduation requirement. Below, you’ll find comprehensive information and resources for students, their families, counselors and advisors, and community partners. Click on your role for more information, and don’t forget to bookmark this page for the future.

Male counselor smiling at student

For counselors and advisors

Financial aid makes college or training after high school a realistic goal for students. Keep reading for milestones, actions, and resources to support your campus’s financial aid completion strategy.

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Woman sitting at conference table

For community partners

High school campuses rely on strong partners in higher education, business, and nonprofits. Keep reading to better understand how you can support your K–12 district and campus partners this school year.

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Woman and child sitting at computer

For families

Financial aid can be confusing, but we have the tools and resources to help. Keep reading to find out how you can best support your student.

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Students sitting on bench with papers and laptops

For students

Here you’ll learn how to satisfy Texas’ new graduation requirement. Keep reading to understand why financial aid matters to you.

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