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TXOC Academy Syllabus


Use the Texas OnCourse Academy to improve your practice, continuously learn, and become more confident in your abilities. The Academy provides comprehensive training for college and career advising across 3 content areas: financial aid, career pathways, and postsecondary pathways.

The 3 content areas include 13 competencies, which are broken down into 28 topics or modules. Users receive Competency Badges for completing all modules in a competency area, and Master Badges for completing all competencies in a content area. Each competency consists of one or more modules. 

Organization of the Texas OnCourse Academy:


Content Area: Financial Aid


Competency: Financial Aid: Foundational Knowledge


Financial Aid Application Process


Scholarship Application Process


College Cost


Content Area: Postsecondary Pathways

Competency: Postsecondary Pathways: Foundational Knowledge


Admission and Application Process


Entrance and Placement Exams


Postsecondary Research


Content Area: Career Pathways


Competency: Career Pathways: Foundational Knowledge


Career Exploration


Academic Planning


Career Planning


Career Learning Experience