What to Do When a Student's Grades Don't Match Their Aspirations

By: Texas OnCourse Leader Fellow Elizabeth Acosta
reading time icon2 min

Setting goals is how many of us keep motivated. What happens when you fall short of meeting those goals? Do you give up, do you set new goals, or do you persist with the same goals?

Academic and career goals aren’t much different. If a student’s academic goals aren’t matching what they (or you) had in mind, then here are a few tips they can consider:

  1. Meet with the academic counselor. Is the course load too heavy? Discuss all the options.
  2. Are tutoring options available?
  3. Revisit career goals. (Will keeping the career goal and changing the approach help with reaching the goal?)
  4. Consider using a career inventory tool (if you want to change your career goal).
  5. Write out a new plan or plans to help to keep on track.
  6. Revisit the plan(s) often.
  7. Set and monitor short-term goals to ensure progress.

Texas OnCourse has several tools available to assist with academic/career exploration. One tool is the quiz on MapMyGrad, which can help students select an endorsement that’s right for them.

The Texas Workforce Commission's Texas Career Check tool features hundreds of career opportunities and keeps track of which jobs are growing fastest in Texas.

O-Net’s My Next Move lets students discover new careers by searching for simple keywords, browsing by industry, or taking a quiz.

Roadmap to College may be helpful for those considering college. It covers colleges, college costs, entrance exams, and financial aid.

One thing to remind students: everyone experiences setbacks. How a setback is handled will often determine how well a person will handle other challenges!