Reward Yourself with Leisurely Learning and Earning this Holiday Season

By: Texas OnCourse
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year for students and teachers alike. A break from school, time with family and friends, warmth and glad tidings. For many teachers, the holiday break can be a time to rest and recharge. It can also be a time to catch up on tasks that seem to slip by during the school year.

If you find yourself with some extra time this holiday season, we recommend getting comfy, preparing a hot drink, and settling down with your laptop – this could be a great time to earn up to $450 and complete CPE credits with the Texas OnCourse Academy!

You can earn competency badges and CPE credits by completing modules in financial aid, career pathways, postsecondary pathways, and specialty areas. Our Academy is competency based, so you won’t end up spending time learning things you already know.

  • School counselors who earn five competency badges will be awarded $200.
  • School counselors who earn all badges in the Academy will receive an additional $250.

All you need to do is log in to your Texas OnCourse account (or register using the same link if you don't have one yet) and start completing modules to earn competency badges! You'll see a button by your badges to claim an award or CPE credit. It's up to you to claim an award or credit once you've earned one, and we'll confirm your eligibility. Any progress you've already made in the Texas OnCourse Academy will apply toward this opportunity.

Click here for information on the modules, competencies, and content areas in the Texas OnCourse Academy.

Questions about CPE credits and how to obtain them? Visit

We wish you a holiday filled with comfort, delicious treats, and leisurely learning and earning!