Texas OnCourse Leader Fellow Program

Application Process for Cohort 3

We are seeking applications from leaders within the counseling, advising, and teaching community for our third cohort of leader fellows. Leader fellows encourage collaboration on postsecondary preparedness in their region and the state in addition to supporting the adoption and implementation of Texas OnCourse resources.

By leveraging the power of leaders within this network, Texas OnCourse believes educators will develop a more thorough understanding of the ways Texas OnCourse can support their profession and their daily practice, and students will receive more high-quality, data-driven college and career counseling.

We have two tracks for the Texas OnCourse Leader Fellow Program: middle school and high school.

All leader fellows must meet these minimum requirements in addition to requirements specific to their track:

  • Be employed by a school district in Texas
  • Be able to participate in leader fellow activities (approximately 50 hours per semester) for two years
  • Be able to attend two in-person training events in Austin in June and February
  • Have the support of their school and district to participate in the leader fellow program

Track 1: Middle School Leader Fellows

Middle school leader fellows will support the successful implementation of Texas OnCourse’s middle school resources in their region and across the state. Middle school leader fellows include counselors and advisers working directly with students and middle school teachers providing instruction on college and career preparedness.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Three or more years of experience directly advising middle school students on college and career preparedness OR
  • Three or more years teaching middle school students about college and career preparedness in a classroom setting

Track 2: High School Leader Fellows

High school leader fellows support the successful implementation of Texas OnCourse resources in their region and across the state. High school leader fellows consist of counselors and advisers working directly with students on postsecondary planning.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Three or more years of experience directly advising students
  • Current responsibilities include direct student advising on college and career
  • Experience advising a diverse group of students

About the Fellowship

Texas OnCourse leader fellows' activities focus on three areas:

  1. Brand Ambassadorship – Leader fellows connect counselors and advisers to Texas OnCourse resources in their region and across the state. Some examples of brand ambassador activities include presenting at professional development workshops and conferences and utilizing social media to promote Texas OnCourse resources.
  2. Content Expertise – Leader fellows will serve as content experts for their colleagues and deliver Texas OnCourse–enabled professional development. Leader fellows will review Texas OnCourse resources for accuracy and demonstrate mastery in their area of expertise in the Texas OnCourse Academy. In addition, leader fellows will share their knowledge by writing blog posts, hosting office hours in the Texas OnCourse Academy, facilitating Twitter chats on their area of expertise, and other activities depending on counselor and adviser needs.
  3. Feedback – Leader fellows will provide their own feedback in addition to gathering feedback from their colleagues to ensure that Texas OnCourse is best aligned to meet their needs and support their work. Leader fellows will participate in user feedback sessions with Texas OnCourse staff. In addition, Leader fellows will receive training to conduct classroom observations for our middle school resources and assist with surveys and other tools to receive feedback from students, parents, and educators using Texas OnCourse resources.


In appointed positions (not eligible for benefits) with the University of Texas at Austin, Texas OnCourse leader fellows have the opportunity to earn a $10,000 stipend over two years, representing a maximum of 100 logged hours per year. These hours are expected to be completed outside of the work day, but there may be overlap that would benefit the school and district. To recognize the district’s commitment to advancing college and career advising, the school or district will receive a $5,000 award. Each leader fellow’s school district will be required to enter into an agreement with UT Austin in order to receive the award.


January 7: Application opens. Click to access application.

January 15: Informational webinar. View recording

January 23: Informational webinar at 1:00 pm. Register here.

March 8: Application period closes

March 11 to March 25: Texas OnCourse staff reviews applications

March 25 to April 5: Texas OnCourse staff conducts online interviews for those selected to proceed to the second round

April 12: Cohort 3 leader fellows announced

June 17 to June 18: Summer Leadership Institute is held in Austin


Email fellows@texasoncourse.org.