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Making your students’ dreams happen is in your DNA. It’s in ours too. 


For Counselors and Advisers

Texas OnCourse offers 28 training modules for counselors and advisers on topics related to financial aid, postsecondary and career pathways. Be prepared to advise any student for any post high-school opportunity – from traditional college and universities, to the military, to trade school, to going straight into a trade or career.

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Over 2500 educators from across the state contributed to the development of the TXOC Academy, ensuring it will prepare you to advise any student for any post-secondary opportunity.


More information on our Counselor and Adviser Training page


For Middle School Educators

TXOC is developing activities and lesson plans for middle school teachers, in alignment with the state’s career and technical education requirements. They include:

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Partnership Opportunity:

Do the TXOC resources sound like a great fit for your school? We are seeking schools and districts to join us as middle school partners. Signing on as a partner means you’ll be able to access data and information about how the TXOC resources make an impact on  your students. You’ll also lead the way in ensuring the resources are aligned to meet the needs of students and teachers. For more information about a middle school partnership, email Lara Gueguen at


Available External Resources:


7th & 8th Grade

9th Grade

  • College Portrait

    A source of basic, comparable information designed for anyone to learn more about public 4-year colleges and universities

  • GenTX: Preparing for College in High School

    Join Generation Texas—the largest team of high-schoolers in the U.S. who are committed to continuing their education after high school.

  • Launch My Career Texas

    Explore how majors, careers, institutions and endorsements interact on this website from the state of Texas

  • Future Ready Texas

    Resources to help navigate your STAAR report card

10th Grade

11th Grade

12th Grade + Returning Student