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Send your students on an inspiring road trip!


Lone Star Adventure: Header from Roadtrip Nation's Texas Roadtrip

With summer in full swing, our minds are wandering to travel. We often think of vacation as a time of leisure, but travel experiences can also change our lives.

Imagine you’d had the chance, when you were a high school student, to take a road trip through the state and talk to your heroes, job crushes and people generally doing awesome stuff. What would you have learned that you didn’t know? How different would your life be if you’d taken a trip like that?

What if you could give your students the chance to have this sort of experience, a travel adventure that will change their lives? Well, you do!

Texas OnCourse is fueling a Roadtrip Nation initiative to send Texas high school students on a free trip this fall! Let your students know about this amazing opportunity. Here’s the link for them to register:

Four teams made up of three high school students each will take a mini-adventure through their region of Texas to interview post-secondary students and professionals who are building lives and livelihoods around the things they love.

Under the eye of an adult chaperone, these young adult Texans will travel on Roadtrip Nation’s green RV to explore an array of post-secondary paths, from trade schools to four-year universities, and beyond. They’ll also conduct in-depth interviews with working professionals who hold jobs in fields that align with the students’ current interests, chosen endorsements or career aspirations.

Filmed for the Roadtrip Nation public television series, this experience will introduce selected participants-—and TV audiences—to the unique set of opportunities available to today’s average American teenager, while also showcasing the exciting innovations taking place specifically within the state of Texas.

Please share this information with any Texas high school students who could use some insight or inspiration for their future—or who might just be in need of a good adventure!

Students need to register by July 3rd, and the application includes a video component, so this is not time to procrastinate! Here’s the link: