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Texas OnCourse launches first three training modules


Header: New Modules Launched

Texas OnCourse modules for college and career advising have launched!
For the first time ever, our interactive resources on FAFSA, Common App and Apply Texas are now available for everyone, for free.
These modules prepare educators for parent-information nights and start-of-year sessions with students. They can also help counselors and advisers contribute to district efforts to meet the state’s 60x30 Challenge by boosting FAFSA and Apply Texas completions.
Get a refresh on the basics, learn new information and start demonstrating your mastery on FAFSA, Apply Texas and the Common App.

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More on our modules:


In this module, you’ll learn what is required when completing a FAFSA, what steps can students and families can take in preparation, and what happens when a student submits a FAFSA. We will also cover what the verification process entails and what information counselors/advisers should share with students and families regarding the renewal process.


Common App

In this module, you’ll learn what information is needed in assisting students and families prepare to complete a Common Application, what documentation is required, and what a student granted Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) should provide. We’ll also cover what is involved in the Common App recommender process and what the Common Application fee waiver process entails.



In this module, you’ll learn how to assist students and families in preparation for completing an ApplyTexas application, how to assist students with gathering the proper documentation, and how to access and utilize the ApplyTexas Counselor Suite and practice account feature. We’ll also cover how students submit application fee waivers and how information should be entered for a student granted Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) to complete an ApplyTexas application.