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What does your ideal Harry Potter job say about your real career plans?


Blog Header: What Harry Potter Character are you?


Curious what your job would be in the Harry Potter universe?


Take our short quiz to find out!


Already know exactly where you would want to work in Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley? Find out what that says about your real world job prospects below:

Fred and George Weasley are not your traditional students. They have an incredible passion for one thing: pranks. Successful business owners aren't just looking to get money and work for themselves (although those are two perks!) They have an original idea and the passion and dedication to see it through.

Real world job: Small Business Owner
College program of study: Business Management/Administration
Endorsement: Business and Industry


In the books, we just get to see Mr. Olivander selling his wares, but in reality, there's also a lot of work that goes into crafting something as rare and beautiful as a wand. 
Modern day woodworkers do the same thing, whether working on furniture, buildings, decorations, or any number of things.

Real world job: Woodworker
College program of study: Fine arts
High school endorsement: Arts and Humanities

Oliver Wood graduated Hogwarts Quidditch team to play with Puddlemore United. Like any athlete, he was very focused on developing his skills as a sportsman and a leader, although he did still receive great marks at Hogwarts on his way! In school, aspiring athletes are encouraged to study whatever they'd like to couple with sports once their bodies require them to retire, like business management or education.

Real life job: Professional Athlete
College major: Discuss with counselor to make sure you've found the right fit.
High school endorsement: See above.

In the Harry Potter books, potioneers are effectively chemists - they mix delicate elements to create something new, whether it be a medicine, a spell that makes life easier, or even crystalized pineapple. Real life chemists do the very same - experimenting with raw materials to create something new and useful.

Real world job: Lab Technician
College major: Chemistry
High School endorsement: STEM

A Muggle Relations professional has two primary objectives: understand unknown "muggle" culture and work to maintain peace with that culture. Like Arthur Weasley must help wizards understand muggles, in our world, a great community liaison may help teachers understand their students, companies understand their clients, or police or charities understand the populations they're trying to help.

Real world job: Community Liaison
College program of study: Social Work or Sociology
High School Endorsement: Arts and Humanities

Ministry employees dial 62442 into the phone outside the ministry and are granted entry to work in their field of expertise. Their work impacts the daily lives of witches and wizards in a real way. In our world, congressional aides staff the offices of the members of the state and national legislatures, where they assist with congressional duties from administrative details to extensive research on legislation. 

Real world job: Congressional Aid
College major: Political Science
High school endorsement: Public Service

In the Harry Potter universe, Herbologists play an incredibly important role in understanding what plants will be best for various spells, foods, potions, and more. Real life herbologists are similarly important to keeping communities functioning! Agricultural scientists do important work to make sure that we are all fed, and that we manufacture the plants necessary to keep industry rolling.

Real Life Job: Agricultural Scientist (Farmer or Researcher)
College major: Agricultural Science
High school endorsement: Business & Industry

Healers appear in various locations in the Harry Potter books: Madame Pomfrey repeatedly heals our heroes at Hogwarts, and we get to see the healers at St. Mungo's nurse Mr. Weasley back to health and watch over poor Mr. and Mrs. Longbottom. In real life, registered nurses play an equally important role in bringing sick and injured people back to health.

Real world job: Registered Nurse
College course of study: Bachelors of Science in Nursing
High School Endorsement: STEM

Dumbledore serves many functions at Hogwarts: he provides advice to teachers and students, represents the school, and serves to protect the school in any way possible. Real life headmasters do the same thing. A great school administrator is a master of organization AND interpersonal relationships.

Real life job: School Administrator
College major: Education
Endorsement: Public Service

Generally speaking, Hagrid is regarded as one of the happiest members of the Hogwarts staff. He does what he loves -- working with animals -- and he also gets a lot of fresh air and exercise. Many jobs in agriculture, such as cattle farming, allow this same balance.

Real life job: Cattle raiser
College major: Agricultural Science
High School Endorsment: Business and Industry

During the Tri-Wizard tournament, we learn how much goes into taking great care of dragons. They need medical treatment, feeding and attention, all while having a big, scary bite. Veterinarians work with difficult animals all the time, but find the work extremely rewarding, much like dragon keepers do.

Real life job: Veterinarian
College major: Biology/pre-veterinary
Endorsement: STEM

Rita Skeeter may be a sneaky and underhanded so-and-so, but that doesn't mean her job, interviewing famous wizards and traveling to exciting events, doesn't sound fun to you. Maybe you'll get to uncover the next big scandal, or help bring coverage to something you care about.

Real World Job: Journalist
College major: Journalism, or some form of English or Creative Writing
High school endorsement: Arts and Humanities

Protections and curses are both complex and multilayered in the wizarding world. Wizards use a combination of codes and incantations to protect AND to hex others. The same could be said of computers. Viruses are complex and harmful to your computer, but with the right combination of protections, you can avoid them altogether.

Real world job: Protection engineer (IT)
College major: Computer Science
Endorsement: STEM

The Auror clearly has one of the coolest jobs in the wizarding world - I mean, Harry became one! Aurors keep the world safe from the forces of evil, and are at the front lines fighting crime, just like police and detectives do in our world. You could even say the study of Criminology is our Defence Against the Dark Arts.

Real world job: Police officer or detective
College major: Criminology
Endorsement: Public Service

Arithmancers study numbers and patterns to make predictions about the future. They are constantly looking at the world around them and trying to solve problems before they happen. In today's world of computers and big data, the opportunity to discover cool things in available numbers and patterns is greater than ever, and companies are excited to hire people with these skills.  

Real world job: Risk Assessor
College Program of Study: Statistics or Finance
Endorsement: STEM or Business & Industry