Meet our extended team.

Texas OnCourse is supported by partners and advisers from across disciplines – nonprofit, higher education, and workforce institutions.

Partners are critical to the success of Texas OnCourse. We aim to build a network to streamline student pathways to college and career success. This cannot be accomplished alone or in silos.



"As questions come up from students and parents or even other administrators, I have a go-to. That makes me look good – that I know where to go to find an answer if I don’t know it.”

Jenifer Price College Counselor

Executive Advisory Committee

The Executive Advisory Committee contributes ongoing guidance on the strategic approach, development, and implementation of the initiative.

Content Advisory Committee

Data Analytics and Evaluation Advisory Committee

The Data Analytics and Evaluation Advisory Committee synthesizes research on student readiness for high school, postsecondary life, and the workforce; identifies data and metrics that can be used to conceptualize student pathways; and will potentially partner with Texas OnCourse on studies related to student pathways, pending discovery of significant gaps in the literature.

Employer Advisory Committee

Tri-Agency Steering Committee

The Tri-Agency Steering Committee promotes alignment and collaboration between Texas OnCourse and Governor Abbott’s Tri-Agency Workforce Commission, consisting of the Texas Education Agency, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, and the Texas Workforce Commission.


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“One of the most comprehensive state initiatives for improving college and career advising.”

The College Board

Tri-Agency Partners