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Where Are My Badges?


If you haven’t gotten the badge you expected, it’s likely that you haven’t fully met all the requirements to receive it, even though you might have scored well on the assessment. Here’s why:

The badges are organized into Content Areas, which you can see on the right side of the Texas OnCourse Academy screen. At the top, are three functional areas: Career Pathways, Financial Aid and Post-secondary Pathways.

Untwist each of these areas, and you'll see that the courses are organized into a hierarchy. Underneath each Functional Areas are multiple Competencies. Beneath each Competency is a series of Modules. Beneath each Module is a series of Learning Objectives.

When you take an end of module assessment, you must show mastery in ALL of the Learning Objectives. When you have done so, you have mastered a Module, and the Academy dashboard will partially fill in the oval next to that that Module's Competency. For example, if you have, mastered all of the Learning Objectives in two of the four Modules in a Competency, it will say 2/4, and the oval will be half filled.

Complete all the Modules in a Competency, and you’ll get a Competency badge. Complete all the Competency badges and get a Functional Area badge.

It is easy to think you have completed the necessary Modules, but still be showing as incomplete. For example, if you received an 90% on the assessment, most people would assume that they passed. However, remember that you must show mastery in ALL of the Learning Objectives. So, if the 10% you got wrong were all in a single Learning Objective, they system might show that you are incomplete, despite your high score, and you would need to take the assessment again until you can show mastery of all the Learning Objectives.

The system does tell you which areas are have been mastered or not, so you can go back and brush up on those areas before retaking the assessment.

You can find out more about the Texas OnCourse Syllabus by clicking here.